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The world’s largest & fastest growing internet restaurant company with 4000+ internet restaurants, 45+ (own & partner) and 9 offline stores (EatSure Multi-Brand Foodcourts & Wendy’s stores) across 80+ cities globally.

Franchise with Rebel Foods
Food Technology

Partner with Rebel

With a decade of experience, we've consistently challenged norms, created leading customer-first brands, explored diverse business models, and partnered with global brands, fostering a dedicated and loyal customer base. We invite franchise partners to join us in our FOFO model for offline stores of Oven Story Pizza & Sweet Truth desserts. Get in touch with us at


Partner Criteria

Wondering if you can be a partner

We welcome food operators, institutions & entrepreneurs who are eager to make a mark in the food industry. Brand stores of Oven Story Pizza & Sweet Truth are proven business models with strong unit economics and simplified operations

Rebel Values

What is expected from you

Good understanding of the local F&B landscape, identification of high footfall offline spaces conducive to business success, knowledge of the capital and operating expenses for store and kitchen setup, and, above all, a passion for disrupting the 500-year-old food industry

Rebel Values

What Rebel Foods brings to the table

Leveraging our brand across multiple geographies and robust technology, we offer a streamlined path to business success. You'll receive comprehensive training, continuous support, thorough audits, all within a tech-driven ecosystem designed for profit and scalability.

Rebel Values

Key Benefits

Rebel spearheads your business operations, allowing you to focus on innovation. Offline stores boost visibility, attracting significant foot traffic and fostering thriving business opportunities. The REBEL model minimizes risk, accelerates scalability, and provides a sustainable blueprint for adapting to diverse taste profiles and geographies.



We help you expand your F&B brand with long-term & sustainable ideas. Our integrated platforms enable you to launch virtual brands with minimal lead time across any food trend.

Higher ROI

Higher ROI

Experience higher returns on investment as multiple brands thrive on shared manpower, kitchen excellence, tech synergy, and streamlined supply infrastructure. This strategic integration maximizes fixed costs, establishing industry-leading ROIs



Our multi-brand model mitigates cuisine and location risks, paving the way for diverse consumer segments to indulge in the unparalleled delight of Rebel brands



End-to-end integration and support to help create a full-stack model with effective data utilization and smart equipment


Cloudify operations

Our blueprint for setting up and managing stores, brands, channels, supply chains, and operations ensures unwavering standardization across all verticals

Store Formats

Box & Co

Oven Story Pizza

The Standout Pizza redefines Pizza Toppings. Indulge in exciting standout toppings in every bite like Dragonfire Schezwan, Pesto, Feta Cheese, Caramelised Onions and more! Elevate your pizza experience with us.

Box & Co

Sweet Truth

Elevate every celebration with indulgent western desserts from Sweet Truth. Thebrand offers cheesecakes, pastries, brownies, dessert jars, macaroons and so much more in more than 330+ locations across India


Our franchise model knows no borders – it adapts easily anywhere. Anyone globally can be a franchise partner, as long as they meet our criteria.

The required investment is between INR 80 lakhs and INR 1.5 crore (depending upon the size of the store & store format), covering both store and kitchen setup expenses.

A space ranging from 1200 to 2000 sqft will be needed, depending on the store format (Multi-Brand Food Court or Brand Stores).

Any additional fees or charges will be thoroughly outlined and mutually discussed during the finalization of the agreement.

Rebel Foods will manage end-to-end operations, handle the entire supply chain, and all necessary technology integrations for the seamless operation of the business.

Franchise partners are expected to only contribute to the capital expenditure, while Rebel will manage all operations (FOCO Model).

Our partners are responsible for finding a suitable offline location based on the local landscape. Rebel takes care of setting up the supply chain and designing the food menu for our partners.

Partners can expand to as many locations as they desire.

For information on potential earnings, kindly contact us at Once we collectively determine the final store format, we will conclude and provide the financial model. The franchise partner may experience a potential operating margin upside of up to 20%*.

Please fill up the following form or reach out to us at

The process takes approximately 3-4 months, encompassing finalizing terms and agreement, setting up the kitchen, hiring staff, and commencing operations.