Scale your brand globally with our operating system of culinary innovation, robust supply chain, and technology.

The Process

The Process

We provide our entire machinery for brand’s to achieve their maximum potential. We invest our know-how, systems, culinary knowledge, supply chain synergies & our kitchen network to put you on an accelerated growth path.

Partner Culture

Partners Culture

Success can only be achieved by aligning with individuals with the right entrepreneurial mindset. We are continuously seeking brands that solve big pain points for consumers at every step of their food journey. SLAY Coffee was born out of an entrepreneur's vision to get hot coffee delivered. After initial success, we scaled the brand to +100 locations within India within 18 months. At Rebel Foods, we follow the Eat Sure philosophy, which mandates that all food


Scale across India and globally


Gain marketing intelligence


Learn from our culinary expertise


All backed by our full-stack techonology suite