Transform How Food is Experienced

We are a network of 3000+ Restaurants across 350+ Kitchens spread through 40+ cities across 4 countries serving 2M+ customers.

Simplifying cooking process of complicated meals, removal of a skill set, simplification of ingredients, and automated dispensing. And that’s just one part of the innovations at REBEL.

We believe that there is no substitute for good produce, so, all our sourcing happens with stringent parameters. It’s either extraordinary or nothing at all.

A tech based on latest micro service solutions for managing multi-channel ordering. Our brand-wise polygon helps customise reach and scalability of brands independently without any constraint. Our patented machinery and automation allow uniformity and increased efficiency through all kitchens.

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2011: Single Brand QSR

Founded in the year 2011, we launched Faasos, a physical restaurant chain with online ordering facilities.

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2015: Single Brand Cloud Kitchen

Started our journey of adapting to the cloud kitchen format with Faasos being our first prototype.

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2016: Multi-brand cloud kitchen

After careful consideration and research, we launched our Multi-brand Cloud Kitchen with our brands; Behrouz Biryani, Ovenstory, Firangi Bake, Mandarin Oak and Sweet Truth.

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2019: Rebel Launcher

Opened up our platform for other food and beverage brands to help them scale up and grow within our operating system.


Communication is the key. Since the time I have joined Rebel Foods, I see that the company has been moving to a more agile structure and communication between teams team has been ever increasing.

Vinayak Yadav

Executive - Human Resources


“Life is not about the right opportunities, but it’s about handling the opportunities right”

So, if you have a dream, what’s holding it back? Go live your dream and support someone else’s dream as well.

Aashiya Khan

Social Media Manager - Global


I learnt to pay more attention to team work and evaluate the strength of a team rather than just an individual.

Rohit Kasbe

General Manager - Audit